A Nautilus Leak! Dr. Emily Hall of MOTE, on Coral Reef Ecosystems

Posted on: Thursday, June 22, 2017

This new episode in our "Nautilus Leaks" series was created in partnership with MOTE Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, in Sarasota, Florida.

The Nautilus is rounding the Florida Keys when Professor Aronnax spots a giant mollusk in the viewing portal. Jules tells her about “Molly the Mollusk”, a giant squid preserved nearby, at MOTE Marine Laboratory and Aquarium. At that moment, they get a Nautilus Leak from Dr. Emily Hall, a MOTE staff scientist and researcher, who tells them about the world-renowned laboratory, aquarium and education centre. Emily gives them a crash course in coral reef ecosystems (Ned thought coral was a way of singing!), and the threats posed by climate change and ocean acidification. Luckily, there are teams of scientists in places like MOTE working to protect marine species, and to help educate us about what we can do to help. Like becoming a New Atlantean!

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